01. He was [buried] two days after he died, in a cemetery near his home.
02. I don't want to be [buried] when I die; I'd rather be cremated.
03. The dog [buried] the bone in the backyard.
04. I found my car keys [buried] under a pile of paper in my office.
05. The [burial] of the murdered child was attended by almost the entire town.
06. The squirrels [buried] nuts all over the yard, but forgot where half of them were.
07. I couldn't find my homework, but finally discovered it [buried] under a pile of newspapers.
08. During the time of the Shang civilization in ancient China, royal [burials] were often accompanied by human and animal sacrifices.
09. The entire village was [buried] in ash after the eruption of the volcano.
10. Emile Zola once said that if you shut up truth, and [bury] it underground, it will still grow.
11. The [burial] chambers contained within the pyramids are connected by a maze of passageways, including dead-ends designed to foil grave robbers.
12. Millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who [bury] nuts, and then forget where they hid them.
13. In Islam, [burials] cannot take place after sunset.
14. In the desert, many animals [bury] themselves in the sand to keep cool.
15. Ancient peoples in Peru would often [bury] food with their dead, so as to sustain them on their journey to the next life.
16. Although much of our garbage contains valuable raw materials, most of it is simply [buried] or burned.
17. In the Bronze Age, Stonehenge was used for ceremonial [burials] of local chieftains.
18. Sigmund Freud believed dreams to be symbolic of any number of things [buried] deep within our minds and our memories.
19. During a speech in November of 1956, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev told the West, "History is on our side. We will [bury] you."
20. To prevent a person from becoming a zombie, some people in Haiti will make sure a dead body is truly lifeless by stabbing it through the heart before [burial].
21. The quality of our ground water can be seriously threatened by the [burial] of waste material.
22. Herodotus once observed that in peace, sons [bury] their fathers, but in war fathers [bury] their sons.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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